"The ingenuity of the Davis method lies in its simplicity"

Prof. Samy Molcho


Some people have a special gift: they think in three-dimensional pictures with a speed which is not accessible to word-thinkers.

They often choose extraordinary or unconventional ways that can help all of humanity.

These are persons like Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci and Walt Disney.


Most picture-thinkers have to pay a high price for their gift because it doesn't work with symbol language (reading, writing, math).
Pictures appear immediately for certain words like "cat" for instance.

However there are words (like "under") for which no picture appears. For a picture-thinker this could mean a lack of information leading to incomplete understanding if there are many words without pictures.
This leads to confusion and sometimes makes it impossible to read, write, listen or memorise correctly.

Confusion disappears, total understanding is achieved and What has been learned finally remains in the mind. The person has become its own special way of learning.


The Davis®-Method offers self-management tools that lead to:

  • · Clear thinking and communicaton
  • · Adapting one's energy level to the task at hand (very important for attention deficit disorder)
  • · Controlling emotions and stress
  • · Controlling one's balance

This brings inner harmony and so the gift becomes an ally to cope with learning problems like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and attention deficit disorders like hypo- or hyperactivity by:

  • · Using new reading exercises
  • · Creating pictures out of clay for the words without pictures

Eugénie Schares



As a mother of a dyslexic child, I fully understand what you and your child are going through.

Years ago, the Davis®-Method opened a new future for us.
For the first time my son received realistic tools which

  • Enabled him to understand how his thinking works
  • Helped him to take the responsibility to get rid of his confusion and to learn in his own special way
  • Enabled him to get a diploma with good rates

You will find certified Davis® facilitators all around the world.
Looking at dyslexia.com you can find someone who is close to your home.
Some of us, including myself, also travel to coach their clients during this journey to a special way of learning.


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